Pronunciation /vəˈlēədē/ /vəˈliədi/ /veˈlēədē/ /vɛˈliədi/ 



  • A wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action.


Early 17th century from medieval Latin velleitas, from Latin velle ‘to wish’.

The din — refract reality

This is a beautiful piece. The vocabulary is astonishing!



The unexpected presence of a new voice rose through his darkened din; it is crystalline and promising, frightening and unobtainable Wayward imagination will choose its usual ruse ere he’s disabused; one for which he unerringly falls; evidenced by his halls of fancied fallacies Is that simple gullibility or blind intractability? Is it desperate esperance or […]

via The din — refract reality

Word of the Day: sardonic

  1. grimly mocking or cynical.
    “Starkey attempted a sardonic smile”
    synonyms: mockingsatiricalsarcastic, ironical, ironicMore
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    Sardonicism is “the quality or state of being sardonic; an instance of this; a sardonic remark.” A sardonic action is one that is “disdainfully or skeptically humorous” or “derisively mocking.” Wikipedia
    This is one of my favorite words, so when I recalled it, I wanted to do more than just recall; I wanted to resuscitate it.
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