Not Doing This for Free Anymore

As if I had the power of a union

I’m realizing that pushing my poetry out for free

Is a sin and a crime against myself

My worth

I and my poetry are worth more than that

Your eyes

Might find my work

Somewhere behind a paywall


After I’m done writing it

After I figure out the cover art

When it’s on Amazon

Or in an indie shop

I’m not doing this for free anymore

You sluts

Recognize true art

And you secretly salivate at it

That it’s free

Oh the best things are free you say


Artists need money just like you sluts

So pay up

Fuckers sluts

Pay up

In the world of a star-struck self-starter

The similarities seem small

But to feel rested at the edge of a new discovery

Makes one vivid with imagination, clever to fall

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la terreur

but what instead of the art that had found itself in between me and my way

there had been something of atrocity?

bodies being chopped up

diabolical murder-surgery

military experiments

what, you don’t watch those videos for fun?

you must prepare for everything

i do not even when i am the weak stick in the drawer

i sense failure coming

i sense the war winning

i sense defeat

and i am a million miles away from any doom

how can this be so?

Hi everyone. I haven’t been posting as often; I apologize. My health has kept me busy. Mental illness is draining.

I’m going to improvise here and not edit it too much. Hopefully it turns out alright.

Here we go!

Hello little grasshopper

Hop hop lop lop

The grass is rife with the straw

For the rabbit to navigate

We see crop circles in our dreams

The gates to infinity are open

When we sing the tunes in synchrony they measure themselves timeless

We love each other

So why lock the door

Why scorch the fields

There is so much life to it all

That’s all for tonight. Hope you’re all finding the time to enjoy the small things, and surviving if not thriving. Cheers,


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I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t anxious
I have diagnosed anxiety disorder
Basically means I’m weird because I’m always worried
But live with The Man on your shoulders like I do and you’ll see
How fucked we are
How heavy the burden is
And how un-free the birds on the avenue are at heart
Cheat, steal, lie, pillage, burn, slash, hack
To defeat him
Feels good
To get by
Feels alright
And dance, sing, paint, hug, love, shake, kiss
To free yourself
And for a moment
If you try hard enough
At this
And take it
You might feel free
For one iota of a moment
You might be free
If you fight like madness clung at your doorstep was about to shoot you in the temple with your family at the stake
You might be free
You might
Like you believed it
Instead of forgetting everything
You’d dream of nothing
And back
And journey to the castle above the shore
Wind through the clouds
Fall with the dew
And make angels in the snow in the grass
You might know how it feels
To be alive
If you fucking fight your ass off like nothing else mattered
And did it
And I hope
You know
That I know
That I want you
To feel it
And then again
Because what is life
Without it

Bestiaire des animaux à l’aise dans leur peaux / Claude Roy — Lire dit-elle

Très oiseaux les oiseaux sont très sûrs d’être oiseaux L’écureuil sait très bien son métier d’écureuil Les chevaux dans leur peau de cheval sont chevaux Le lézard sait par cœur l’art de vivre en lézard La fourrure du chat tient le chat tout entier Le renard est renard tout le long de l’année Le poisson […]

Bestiaire des animaux à l’aise dans leur peaux / Claude Roy — Lire dit-elle


My life


turned to vibration


rotor drill kill quickling

faster and fast

into me


the vibration

under my skin

i must


i must



and there


no rest

for me

for me

i must move