For Your Own Good

They say what I say


Would you go?

With me or out

The house on



Other ways

It is hard to see

Too much of

Love of

The picture that left


Here with

You when

They were suddenly

Bagged and taken

Off the premises

For our own safety


To feel full


And sink

You Cannot

You cannot divest yourself of the art of it all

You cannot

It is the whole purpose you are alive

The love in her voice

The smell of the rose petals on your cheeks

Wind in the air

And a mystical lilt of song from the distances

You traveled

I cannot stop

The crying I do

When I think of you, love

Please, please, remember who we are

And we will never be lost

We will never be lost without each other ever again

I promise

Ideas to Conjoin

This nuance, this tact

This lack of heft from his right shoulder

He held me on the way back

He held me on the way

I am stymied so often in my response that no other than publication itself

Could find me happier

I am wanton, it is said of us all, but to liken to criminals

No! no… that won’t do

So it is ideation that again culls our yearning for the morsels of oddity so cherished

By our brethren

And I do mean our friends

Those of ourselves who see ourselves in our own way

And not in a mirror timefuck that would have you disheveled of mind

At the thought of looking at yourself wayside

I am in doubt at this conjoining of ideas

But if it works, work it

And if it doesn’t

Send it to your brethren

So Why Don’t You Do It?

This one’s going to flow

Not because of song

Or dance

But because I will give myself permission to say as I please

How I please

Never mind the metacognition of the piece

Or the peace

Really, because, what is peace but understanding

And how do you understand sound but by similarity?

Father, asleep on the floor, laughs in his sleep

I agree, though, with laughter

So why not laugh too


The art-craft of being able to flow

To let your words choose you like you choose them

I+ Impulsively

S/ Sensorily


To steal the soul of language and to paste it like a beacon

Onto digital paper


To think that too little would be enough

And to know that more is always welcome

What else serves such luxury?

As much as you want

As much as you want

To see-hear the words and their meaning

To feel-touch the desire of communication from within


Burning legs find my eyes watching the trees pass by me


As the road recedes behind me, too

The eyes in the back of my head watching the past

I am walking toward a place

That will be different

And then there will be jewels in my ears

And I will hear how crystalline proper you were to me, darling

Someday I will understand

How it all came to be

That without a separate reason for each step along the path

I will run out of reasons to count you my savior

My hero and paragon,

Who rescued me from the plight of heartlessness

In These Words

I find that it is somewhat a dishonesty to disregard how I lose myself in these words, for I do and do strongly

And to not consider this at least daily is a sin on me from myself

It hurts no one but everyone who cares

And the readers are there, awaiting me

And the readers are there

Written based off a true story. Poetry is sometimes my only solace and still, then, I forget about it. I must not forget about it.


Some stems stay near the base

Father, buys things

The mother and the brother yell at him

For buying things

The tree is sturdy but has mold

I lay near the bottom

Leave splatter the floor in slow motion

Where wind stings hurried face

He is always in a rush, father

He is always stressed

No one acknowledges it

Mother & brother say so many things

To try to make it better

For him

We all do our best

It’s hard to tell which of us is/are the black sheep

We all do our best

For him

To try to make it better

What are titles for, anyway?…

Hi all. I haven’t…

So, the short and long of it is, I’m lonely, and I removed all followers from my personal blog (that was 100+) because it was getting real dicey/edgy/personal/angry and I guess… I just thought others couldn’t handle that? I don’t know what I thought.

So I’m just putting this here, where other eyes can see it, because there is something about the eyes of another, that makes things come to life, particularly for an entertainer.

Like you’re shooting laser beams out, IR RFID dog tag checkers, something like that.

I don’t think I really want anything else other than some of my words in the public eye. I haven’t had that deep, somnolent gaze into the unknown so I don’t know what I really want from life, but it may very well be something like that. In the end. For others to see what I have written.

Our artist collective, [ALTERNATE ROUTE], is still recruiting. Comment or email for an invite. We’re just some folks putting together our stuff onto a Patreon so, yes, there will be money involved (assuming we get a single subscriber), but no, that’s not what it’s about. Just a forewarning to the greedy.

We love interacting and sharing ideas, critique, work, so if you are a poet/writer/artist looking for an outlet this may be a good start? I think? It will definitely be something you can put on your resume, though. (I am seeing this quote busted out in my face after a catastrophic failure in the future… le sigh…)

First issue should be out within a few months, at the latest. (I usually say a deadline and it is like, I finish putting together the stuff for it in half the time, as a note, just kind of how I operate; just so you know). Will put the link to it on here in case anyone actually wants to support, as well! We haven’t figured out the support tiers yet so will get back to you all about that. It shouldn’t be exorbitant, for sure.

And just beside that, it’s good to have you all here, I don’t really know what I am doing as usual, annnnndddddd, yeah! Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the poetry. As a final note, if there are any topic or subject matter requests, please leave a comment and I will do my best to fulfill. I’m not even saying money, I’m just saying, if you want me to write about something for free, I can. That’s the fun of it, isn’t it?

Peace and Love,


Lending Day

Irepresentible style

Send me the cartoon differential between the now-and-here

And the here-and-now

Now here


Knowing they will stall

Knowing they will fail their saves

And capture inundated logic


Festering at the window

Some stallen faith fetters

Wish for reminiscent planes

Some forlorn lip-suckers

Suck the lips off the trunk

No lender no giver no caretaker

Just my neck

So lend your ears a Dandy

Lend your credit check