Kenya, the Internet Roundhouse Kick : Iris

When gun she gun yellat

Where she gunna yellat youall timely timeoff in with it

Whenallshe gun you at mrr mrr peow pee pee hiss

When where how which why whose again?

How it resolves

How the coat pattern is formed

And touchey mama pants

And touchey cowled Mr. England face

All legs

Err, feet

She all knows to visit

Where punk-ass?

Where gun do rice rice in the sibil civil, eh?

Where she gun roar and stare at sun in plane on plane, rather

Where she gun be free

Of pedigree?

My Cat Doesn’t Love Me and That is Awesome

I realized over the past two days (and finished realizing tonight (I love that; realizations can take time?! SO COOL! =D)) that the family cat (pet), she doesn’t think of me with as much affection as the other family members, specifically my brother and mother. I’m just not as big a person in her life, and for some reason I find this so cool. It might be because (but most certainly is not entirely due to the fact that) it releases me from trying to earn her affection all the time. She just doesn’t want me! It’s so simple! God I love this so much (and I don’t know why). Hahahaha. This is great.