Girls and pictures of girls still break my eyes. There is a recoil, when I look away after a glance, it overshoots (my eyes). And I’m not allowed to look at them because it’s all off limits, and when they’re walking around me or past me then I basically don’t have anywhere safe to put my eyes, so it induces anxiety and pain in me.

God I love regular female ass in tight jeans. And by tight I am pretty conservative. “Normal” jeans by modern style standards are tight to me. So I’m pretty much turned on whenever a female coworker is wearing jeans. And I can’t do anything about it because the professional environment is anti-sex. I can’t do anything. Which is fine. I don’t want to rape anyone (except in my punishment-less fantasies where the victim doesn’t feel bad either). I just like girl ass in jeans, is what I am saying. It has such a nice shape. It makes my neurotransmitters fire. Dopamine I guess. Hard to imagine female ass firing serotonin.