In your eyes I see that melancholy gaze stricken in due haze left afire and let loose

No noose, some caboose, a lovely deuce

We smash balls and they pop

It is not without wonder at the unknown that the shattering leaves somewhat of a reverb

In my eye I see there are some who know less

The disjointedness

Is to lust for

In craven desire the voices of madness still have me

But I have you

So set sail your wishes and tell me how many strangers are outside the building now

The castle of my mind, swarmed by zombies

Human, real, but talking in the courtyard and leaving neural imprints

Touching my tender scars

This doesn’t make all too much sense and the ending won’t be sudden but

Please, find safety, in your life,

It is the last thing I wish for you

What are titles for, anyway?…

Hi all. I haven’t…

So, the short and long of it is, I’m lonely, and I removed all followers from my personal blog (that was 100+) because it was getting real dicey/edgy/personal/angry and I guess… I just thought others couldn’t handle that? I don’t know what I thought.

So I’m just putting this here, where other eyes can see it, because there is something about the eyes of another, that makes things come to life, particularly for an entertainer.

Like you’re shooting laser beams out, IR RFID dog tag checkers, something like that.

I don’t think I really want anything else other than some of my words in the public eye. I haven’t had that deep, somnolent gaze into the unknown so I don’t know what I really want from life, but it may very well be something like that. In the end. For others to see what I have written.

Our artist collective, [ALTERNATE ROUTE], is still recruiting. Comment or email for an invite. We’re just some folks putting together our stuff onto a Patreon so, yes, there will be money involved (assuming we get a single subscriber), but no, that’s not what it’s about. Just a forewarning to the greedy.

We love interacting and sharing ideas, critique, work, so if you are a poet/writer/artist looking for an outlet this may be a good start? I think? It will definitely be something you can put on your resume, though. (I am seeing this quote busted out in my face after a catastrophic failure in the future… le sigh…)

First issue should be out within a few months, at the latest. (I usually say a deadline and it is like, I finish putting together the stuff for it in half the time, as a note, just kind of how I operate; just so you know). Will put the link to it on here in case anyone actually wants to support, as well! We haven’t figured out the support tiers yet so will get back to you all about that. It shouldn’t be exorbitant, for sure.

And just beside that, it’s good to have you all here, I don’t really know what I am doing as usual, annnnndddddd, yeah! Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the poetry. As a final note, if there are any topic or subject matter requests, please leave a comment and I will do my best to fulfill. I’m not even saying money, I’m just saying, if you want me to write about something for free, I can. That’s the fun of it, isn’t it?

Peace and Love,


I strive to die

Within my lifetime

And set the sky ablaze

I know the rhymes you wish for are here

But I have not seen them in days

So it is with due contempt that I squash the method

Set the place on fire

All you know how it is, by now,

That we never reach desire

Whalin’ twice

Up on over the crest of the seafaring hills

Waving wiggly into the sea

He comes to thee

He kneels on thee

Set twice asunder left adrift

Come shrift, come shrift

No lesser man than be of course

Will remember remorse


The range of the search broadly covers the set it codomains under

I subset my grief and send you the letters

Other news reaches the places it wants to lesser known

Having halved off the rest of the situation

Henceforth known as duality

His stymied lesson in self-denigration went on too long

He isn’t the protist

He’s just the savior

Other words:









Here we go that is should be that he detracts from his own causes

So why have any?

He goes too hard, stretches too far, walks too long

For anyone’s comfort

And his crime is pain

In denomination stated duly

I last saw the species in A

And it time warped to b

With wave wiggle

Who wears weather?

In shape or slumber of lofty holes, they them thee say it twice

And that is okay

Easy outs not strong enough to give and deliver

Some do not extricate their announcement of sliver

Choice messages, a happy brain interprets signals efficiently

So we are all destined at the stable node

For sharp joy

Stay unto unteth uneoppe slyly

Slay simulacrum of last preponderance

Please Help

He goes

His way


The criminal

Of the mafia

Lower case for disrespect

They all

Spy on the typing

On the clatter of my keys

They all know

That there is no justice

Like mom

But only difference is

She’s on the right side

It’s come to this

It’s come to right and wrong

And oh how simplistic your mind must be

To think in such black and white to begin with

Forgetting that all meaning comes from somewhere

They all criminal instigate me

They love doing this

They love knowing where I live

They love shouting through my window

They love knowing who I know

They love the money laundering

And the human trafficking

They are many

And powerful ONLY because of it

But think: We value against that at some ratio greater than one

So take out who you can

The enemies are split

And we must sow dissent amongst their ranks

I don’t understand what psychopaths are hunting me down

But they must be brought to justice

Please help

With your innocence

Your gentle breath

Your wiping the sleeve on your mouth

To get rid of the crumbs

Your mild manner

Your wild style

Please help

With your existence

Your soul

And your love

For I want nothing from you

And that is where our power comes from

To fight them

To diminish the visceral reality

That limb from limb is not just a phrase