To preference I do say–without vision–that-

I once was a lover

In debt in doubt in feud with another

Some say no one wants once to have what had was to be so it can

I am in doubt

No staying at the brothel some other wonders stray far from light in dim lit caverns on an autumn briskly

I am in doubt

I stay here longer than others,

But to stay is to\

Hit upon totems/

Which may seem absurd\

But really know more than you ought to

Hard-ass ball-liner paints lines makes streaks the inside joke is that there is none

His racquette fell from the sky and snapped his neck so he was sad

Said, “No, I don’t go to the bar downtown when it rains” but it was all over

Once in ten years a sprout would sing his name but no one was usually around to hear any of it

Meet Mr. Doctor the savior the time-keepr lascivious crystal in foresaken dew-stricken forest

Lost in the force against will once stewed I knew how to cook I was a champ

Damsel makes way for living comfort and he grabs her here and I look up

Now and so it is said that we were all once friends

Not so heavy, the trees, not so heavy

Jule made foray into unexpected mines but what of, what of

Time and the need for less

When some feel lost the waterfalls in rivulets will stave decrepitude

Laid forth on long, long streets

Art item no. 5 does not pray

Say so for the rest of the notion to continue that which at will would be so nice so nice to have less than when it comes

I deny my spray and the stickers on the sub but some will well take mine enemies

Thou stayeth in prayer, without notion, without solitude, without scare or decrial of wanton beasts insipid prayer insipid staid notion