Resurrection, Warrior

I simultaneously feel like I’m dying and resurrecting

But the turnout for the show’s not great

I recurrently forget what I was th-h-h-h-inking.

High. Higher than Mount Everest (why is it spelled that way?)

Beyond the breeze

Gentle mist

Ahhh—the crest of your chest bounces

As demons take shape in the land

Never abandon

Never forget

Party on, warrior(!)

à l’océan

Monica Flowers flowers flowers for amusement parks behind

the truck on the train in the bus on the bridge overlooking

leaping pandas! batman! still stoned, silent corpse took off the post and

punted into the ocean.

Baby Make Cry

Baby make cry

Cry baby, cry

Say ur sorry,

Fur me fur me

I’m alone I’m not alone

No son, no daughter

Baby, cry, baby make cry

Fur me fur me


When winter stills and wood gets chopped

Baby make cry

When fire stoked and lemons dropped

Baby make cry

Too sour, too hot, too sharp for the pot

Oh dear, don’t leave me alone

I can’t handle it on my own


Lets get up this hill

One pedal revolution at a time

Baby make cry

Do it, stew it, fight me through it

Baby make cry

I’m ur supported, I’m ur champ

One more time, one more go

Round the merry, round the rose

Before we all die

And make baby go cry

Short Event

The usurper the surreptitioners the practitioners the flow–

Won’t go.


I am insurmountable countable dependable spendable incredible and oh–

I won’t remember your name.

Even if you came for the goods.

Even if your name’s in the woods.

We all have our shimmy and dimes;

But sometimes

The rest is behest of the frontend of the car.


And they grieved for years.