I don’t know what people from other cultures are like

But I asked myself the question, “Do they shoulder others’ burdens more than Americans?

And if so, does that make their society happier?”

For if I am of mental wealth, and I am on the phone with you, a stranger, and we have a brief professional relationship for you are a member of a group that provides a professional service,

Should I not give you more happiness, if I can afford it, and you are down on your day?

And shouldn’t everyone do this, whenever they can?

And won’t this make everyone happier, or less down on their days?

I think how strangers interact is a large component of what defines a “culture”

And I think we, in the States, can improve how we interact with each other

To make everyone’s life better off.


They say you need a hobby like it will revolutionize your life

I write poetry and it doesn’t make me feel much better

But now, I am writing one small poem

And that is a difference in the world

Maybe I was overestimating how much of a difference I could or should make

Maybe my input will always be small

My effect

But I can live with that

I can write this small poem

Writing poetry doesn’t make me feel great, but it’s something–sometimes the only thing–that I can do. So I choose to do it.