I don’t know what people from other cultures are like

But I asked myself the question, “Do they shoulder others’ burdens more than Americans?

And if so, does that make their society happier?”

For if I am of mental wealth, and I am on the phone with you, a stranger, and we have a brief professional relationship for you are a member of a group that provides a professional service,

Should I not give you more happiness, if I can afford it, and you are down on your day?

And shouldn’t everyone do this, whenever they can?

And won’t this make everyone happier, or less down on their days?

I think how strangers interact is a large component of what defines a “culture”

And I think we, in the States, can improve how we interact with each other

To make everyone’s life better off.

Titles vs Taglines in Blogging

Just a shoutout–as this is the most followed of my blogs–to writers and bloggers fellow alike:

Don’t mix up the tagline of your blog with the title of your blog. I’ve seen this happen numerous times. It should be clear what is what (unless it isn’t–in which case you’ve either lost or won or both simultaneously–congratulations and my condolences). When I reblog your AWESOME post, the TITLE of the blog will show up. If it sounds like a tagline, it is confusing, because it does not build up the BRAND of your blog as well–you are striving for and lacking IDENTITY in the PROCESS of WRITING.

Unless you aren’t.

It’s up to you.