muster your Zune

sometimes i will utter a gibberish phrase or two

don’t worry it’s nothing to be worried about

no greater meaning or conspiracy plan or anything

just impulsively saying things


muster your Zune you’ll never do


I’m not sure about this one

It’s going to be more violent

I’m not sure about that

Violent in equivocation?




Don’t forget…

Merriment and all you want in the hoop in the loo in the ferry-go-round just bound by the rhiver, loy lovely ol’ Englan’.


an oceanic gauntlet

an ocean of gauntlets

a gauntlet of an ocean

behoove bespeak bequeath better

and better and better

but, withdrawn

hold-off hold-out cant (cand) stand-off or stand-out

for lack of fortitude

nightly, brigadier

whiff of dew

pesky, in the dusk, the dust does not smell

only the dew

(for popcorn?! O_o n.n)

wrought proffered wreck’d

wick’d sin sinner sin sin sin

Two twice bestowed, too twice he go’ed

Magnitude of suffering and sum comeback butter naught

Distress, disemboweled, deliveries discovered and discoveries delivered

I’m just tainted and jaundiced of the mind

My wickedness will not hold stay or stave off

I am alone in individuality as

It should be

Quince nibbled, we all stripped naked and ran through the desert as fast as we could

This heartened us

To say no more

While I wait

Once again

pause, while I think about it

secluded week often run discord discordant run out of the exit tunnel

exit out the adult tunnel

whistle blow stampede riot culprit crawdad mayor savior of the day

behooved to become more no more than she once was

hero, bloodline, attitude–stattitude

lexicon fraught rife with stattitude

disclosure being withstanding

she couldn’t handle anything out of the ordinary

a hypocritical clause

belying her natural side, Australia and the fires

blowing candles off the cake

doing nothing but sneaking in the good deeds without anyone noticing

that’s how she operated

thief, she

In the early hour of the morning I see the autumn leaves tickle my ear lobe

I am oddly specific in undoing and undoing the oddly specific

But lather




I have no heat to terminate the threat of existence that I undo in my wardrobe

Oh! Stalin and crackers

No one knows the throes that befill my angsty heart


Little juices and mindful numbness slither on out

I’m against it all

Just find somewhere safe to call home, I tell myself

And I keep on looking

I added a new post category, “practice”, and will be posting all practice writing poetry etc. under this category, to avoid confusion over what is an official publication and what is practice… if that means anything more than horseshit to you.

Good day.