Dark Love

Time is inexorable

The last time I saw you we thought we had butterflies

In reality it was just the plague

How dark is love?

Lost to another

The wind does not blow for me

May out and stand in sunlit caverns

May sit or danse around lunatic raving

Crabapples sauce misdemeanor

She smashed the glass and broke her fist

I headed the officer and we ran off

Some time later doom came

The child died and the coffin was sunk

All around the storm seemed to brew

So cold the ocean was immaculately still

Resolved, we coupled together and took our shots

At strife, vice, sin

No other way to ago about it

Must stay sometime to win

About devolving

Well lit tunnels make for excellent suffocation zones

Ther Is No Such Place as Now

There is no such place as

The how the why the now

The pie the sky the scene the season the place

Where space and place make me weep

Not so deep

Just a lie, come on by, we’ll have a cry a laugh a dash and a half

Maybe some butter and drops or hop-scotch

Swim into the ocean be better than before long for more

Come upon shore and dance some more


I love you all.


Hear Him

This lust rises

In me and like a rose


I wilt in denial


His lacrimose antimonium specialty of

Thinking like a genius

His quaking freedom and mystique


I am once again fallen how help me


Save me I am the dew on the spring flower

For once mistral takes me and aloft I sweep over the farmland


Terranious offerings and a bit sober to the touch

He sees me and I am frozen


Oh! Longing, down special craft inundated

So much more than how one can be spelled

The crest of seasonal things and

A meandering time

Just for me

Just for once





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untitled poem n

Don’t do that shit well whelp there’s the cheese the fattening goodness

Must say I do not mind

Do not mind one bit

This romance is too tough I’m not cut out for second guesses or horse laughter

A bunch of grapes and some wine then the brofest and a guess at higher

States off course too much discourse of course the betterment will matter

So stay off track give in to sin hit a truck and dump your soul

Go away sometime and linger at the no loitering zone just a fool out on patrol

Came with me back in the day off the rollercoaster I wish no more zone

Ing in my mind the meat isn’t for eating it’s just a Rolls-Royce insipid but meandering

Some tunes don’t get it but it gets the job done not to say sin is acceptable but

All the things do some good, regardless


Hip on my tempo I’m cut off this won’t smooth over too well but I’m butterscotch

Just sip my tea and go on meandering through tormentuous rain hiss little at the stuff

Cradle song won’t lull the croc to Japan or danse in sund’rous moonlit candlelight

Some soft swings set and it’s all discord so off tune I’d rather be in  nature but it’s

Given up on me


Jazz on the dime and a little sibilant but it’ll due in time I’ll find my chi

No joke this one loves it and there’s no concept following the former

Military officer couldn’t live long enough to see his brother die just rolling some

And got cough syrup for his young one too bad they all got chills it’s stable

It’s stable


Rolling on the horses neigh and grossesse doesn’t strike me anymore I’ll just ignore

The tempo I’m setting (for now) whisper me this who doesn’t stroll in the eve

Ning won’t find me here they’re all gone or rather I’m just pseudonymous and I still have

My coinage now where was I at with this one

Where was I at


Drying up don’t have much to give no one ought to be after me but I know some are crazy

Just frost the glass sip up the salt and mandarin in the night or lie down or what serves

You to do this to yourself is the right way to sing the song of life not to downplay it but

Hips don’t slice like the lyrics inside might as well go broke no not really

Tis a joke


Give me some of that luvy duvy shit

Some of that dumpy shit

Give me the great divide

Split my cells and show me mitosis

This gross hit won’t beat long but I live strong

Not to be the cyclist but to be the best or wish less

At least some other lyrical thing


Lost romance put up for holding over and went in another direction

Facility shut, no emergencies now just rollover

Cradle shut maybe the bathwater will boil and the power goes out

Black as night some say the great divide is just a parting

Well I’m saying goodbye and to you one last time that all is well

Might as well be


So it goes some snore some sink the others don’t really matter

This memory has got me in a trance and I’m studious like disco so no matter

Just tattered neurons and some atypicals a dose of huff and off to the moon

No not really just jokin’ hope you’re not slow like the Pokemon or some shit

Guess off and crap little jokes beside the romance is just too dastardly

Grossest ghost I’ve ever met


When the sun drips in gold

Eyes arise

There sits aloft a buttercrest biscuit the silly

Scent of incandescent lies

In disguise, the settlement starts a city

Turns metropolis

Little people build palpable things

Reality holds its sway over health

Violent truth

But, drift too hard and let it go

You’ll soon find others join you


Sugar magnolia

Daddy me

You’re the one asking for cock, sweetie

That dumb look

That cruel joke

One last poke

I’m broke


Send me a preacher

Stretcher me on outta here

I’ma disappear

I’m this near

To losing my shit


No joke

There’s something wonderful and odd

About this dumb ass fuck

That wouldn’t cost me a buck

Girl, you’re the best of my luck

I won’t turn back anymore

Promise the surprise is valiant

No lies, no disguise, no sugar pies


Honey pie, you’re too sweet

I’m addicted to this meter

Level out, stay mellow

Chatter under the belt

Maybe a daisy and a carnival

Then again, I’m sure we’ve all fallen

The Turbidity of Another Love

Empty air in my lungs stinging like tissue bandages

Over my eyesight in and out so love

Go, go, go find your love and sting like the pimple under socket

So frond, grow grow grow into your love and sting like soulcrest

Frost in Jack and the drink imbibe, darkness once again

Too still for empty streets, we find our home outside ourselves

Daring, to know so much about the night

Oh, sing me a song of moonlight and ruinous skylit sunsets

Unspeakable additions and numerical conundrums fit for kings

May we swell with love, love in our memory when our dreams crash and burn

And with my sting I sweat the dust right off

Spend time in the crust of this planet to rogue off and wince like pain is under no name

Send me your letter, I miss you

I’ll crawl off the beach right into the depths with the jellyfish and ray sharks

Outside me, finally, air I can breathe, in this the water where above there is only blue darkness

Limited intuition knows me, I’m home, down here, with the thought of you

Go surf, go blind, ride the night and gun down my standing to shell off the turbidity of another life