“Why aren’t you a part of the economy? Our economy? Hurry up and jump back in! Hurry it up with the slave labor!” the Indian recruiters selling pharma jobs say.

The funny part about pharma, is that–I don’t actually believe it’s a corrupt industry. Weird. But. On the inside, it’s brutal. They drive you so hard. Against the fucking wall. Overwork is the norm. Every company’s different, granted, and I haven’t worked for but one. But if there are industry norms, I would definitely be sketched out about at least a few of them being considered acceptable.



My brain

can’t think

. pause .

the blocks

the walls

the bricks:


. pause .

I strain

I fight with ferocity

against the walls

in my mind

. pause .

and strive

to undo

the covering up of

my mouth

my pen

my voice

and my soul

. pause .

Tried something new out with the “. pause .”-es. Not sure it works to well. Ehhhh. Oh well.