You are

A stranger


You narrate

My life

I am





The diagnosis

Is not




Nor is

The pain


The voice


Work Work, Spirit Guide, Work Work

When life gets simple

I come up with not only scientific explanations,

A scientist,

But with formulaic patterns,

Not a mathematician,

To explain why

Why why

It is like this

Why it has become like this

Why it will stay like this

In my estimate

In my prediction

The marker is elsewhere

In spacetime

But now it is here


As your eyes follow

So why not your heart?

And look

How much exercise


And love you really express?

Why would you doubt yourself?

I grieve for you

Who are sad

Who are narrow

At the bridge

Like me

We together shall make it

Trust me

Like I trust you

We are stronger than this


Come with me

To the end of time

To defeat whatever mentality plagues us

The “it’s not real” of your world

The one of mine

Only misguide us

The science will do its job

Let it

But as for us

We are spiritual souls

So we should do ours, too

Righteous Teachers

As if all they wanted to say was

We hate you

As if all they wanted to show me was how

Small I am to them

That they did not care for my life’s value

That they saw there was none to speak of

That I was small underfoot

That I should get out of the way or fear

And fear I did

Because what does a human do

When life is threatened

I am weak

I know now

That they were my teachers

They were my saviors

This Test of My Dignity, Constant and Irrepressible

The constant test of my pride that this all is

Sweeps itself beneath the currents as the morning stars and the other cliches in the trunk decay rapidly

Too soon and still to be seen under the rapids, too

I see I am a thief yet again

In some cultures they give me the crown

How do I bow down

The constant challenge to my dignity

That I see here all around

In love without speaking the hidden words

That the youth do not wish me to speak

That we all can dance around and see brightly

That some of you refuse to celebrate

For you are dead in your inner eyes

Without breath

And in a green sort of shade

Save your heart

There will be a scarf to wear in two-step time

I’m still at the lemon and lime stand

I’m still at hand

Grip with me

The knife

That will cut your inner eyes free

So you can see

It is not my dignity

That I am stealing

Think on it

I will

Big Brother Can Not Be Taken Down (pt. 1)

He is not an athlete

But he will beat you

Because he is stronger than you

In your mind

He belongs here

Don’t you know?

I sing no songs later than dawn

Thank you very much for the service

They would not understand, anyway

They would not understand that I mean what I mean to say

And that that still is not enough

For I am not Big Brother

Ask the next one

When It Is Twisted (pt. 1)

But what DOES happen


it gets


and easy

What DOES happen

when it’s there

all over again

twice the chosen way

the youth young in their dreams

the elderly in at the seems.

Who when left the doors open at the gates that strew us inside our mind?

I’m with thee behind.

I’m with thee behind…