When people grab my neck with their gaze

And make me nod Yes as in agreement with their love and human nurture

They snap my neck the wrong way

And fuck does it hurt!

It’s dumb



I love you friends

To be here inane again

So some same fisting

It’s stiff, block E-Daytona never took off

And viewing the passersby

Two-time it: Window watching people pass while writing this

I love you I said

And no comma

Metacritical already

What level is that then

Who knows

I’m fucked

There’s a line drawn before me, after me, in between, down the line

A volley

A return of serve

A winner




I love this sport

It cares for me

This sport loves me

Why were we seperated?

Spell it gothic love

I.e. wright

Remember to forget


Make love stay toe-to-toe

Who knows what it’s all about chemical love bromance hit hut up cut up again my jawline with your knife

Kissing time

How rouge blockade



Love at first touch

So sensitive


I am so dehydrated

And we could break that phrase up

But we’re metacritical again

It’s so dumb

How do I fall into this trap

No wait pay attention to the reader it’s for them

Don’t insult!

We know you like doing that

Love bitch fuck slut cum dumpster someways some days never again stay in memory hit volley

This sport

This cantene

On the veranda

One window at a time

I asked for a large with the dryness in my breath when I asked for a cup of water

She didn’t hear the evaporation

Sense my lush skin

Kiss me on the eye ball


Never stay

Bromance cushion fuck her in the butt tell me why

Telephon Tel Aviv

tell someone off

my mastercard alawys stops working faster after the first purchase pin cushion cum dumpster of a finance system

who knew it

everyone knows it

i grow tired

i love you

excuse me

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