Let’s Turn This Fireball Down

Dun dun done in the river

The heat the heat

The done in the river the done done done

Say what they will go where they will go they know

Now how to pave the way for a generation worse off

We set blithe fiction its due concourse for a second third fourth…


The only variable we have

And we must use every morsel

To cool

This fireball

To cool the hotheaded politicians

Denying the foundations of truth upon which our civilization has thrived since the cavemen




We deny these facts as self-falsehoods



Good sir

Fix your tie

Or I’ll blow your head off

Had I the right

It would be a messy cleanup

But not as messy as what’s coming

You don’t have a clue

It’s not going to be good

Unless we act

That U-word


How I do hear it often


It’s true, after all


That which people disagree with

The Earth is on fire and I cry

River river take me to the sea

Where we will float into the sky before we know it

Where they will drown entire villages they

Where New York might get a little moist

Where the hurricanes

Where the floods

Where the fires

Where the

Where the

Where the

I give

Don’t give


Vote responsibly

And keep in mind where you live

And what you are a part of

We are huge

And our home is a giant

Love it


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