Release: The Passage is Still

[Alternate Route]’s editor, Michael Starr, has released his first full-length volume of poetry, The Passage is Still. It is postmodernist abstractions lost in his thoughts about various topics of observation in his life as a mentally ill person and as a normal person, sometimes one sometimes the other.

I won’t waste your time selling you on it. It’s $3 because he’s greedy and wants that profit. But it’s about 70 pages were it a real book, so you estimate if it’s worth it. He tells me amazon is still figuring out the x-ray, which he thinks is the preview feature but he could be stupid and wrong. Maybe he just doesn’t’ know how to do it.

Well in any case. There ya have it!

Enjoy! =)

Oh yeah, it’s on Kindle only. It should be available on the Barnes Nook soonish.

PS: Yeah I looked it up, the Preview feature should be available soonish. It’s automatic but takes a few business days. Business days because we’re in business, baby.

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