To sit up in the night,

That is the goal

(Is it not?)

Than to know that other grand great groovy thinges in the grooves of my teeth

Will tar and tartar me up the highway

Back down

Hit, cross, repercuss

Throw me cross-stitched and sewed inside

Like a hype camping

Sticks chopped

The buzz saw comes closer

What’s the point of not knowing?

How now, when we moved, to see, through the window

There, there, otherling!

There, there!

Over now, I will wander aloft

And make it easier for myself in the evenings

As the Flonase drips from my sinuses into the back of my mouth

As you make suggestions to my prose

As you wonder why it’s all so crazy

And when the next little surprise is

To ruin the whole damn scene

I wrote this thinking it was still NaPoWriMo but it’s over!~ The pain is officially over! haha, j/k.

Well anyway less pressure. But it’s gotten me into a good habit. I’ll probably write more regardless, fearing judgement less.


One thought on “Halfway

  1. Good for you. Don’t fear judgement. If you pay close attention generally these things balance out, or quite typically you get touch more positive feedback than negative. It’s just the negative stings more, haunts us more. We shouldn’t let it.


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