You, hug

Lug, me

In out of the tree divine-side

Wanton slide off dumber said than done and I

Once led a coalition to the new rhyme why they

Went there in time to stay like there were no heathens

But ourselves


Selves and selves and cells of selves and

Others hitting hidden clubmen clubbing

Like love like lubbing and struggling to make do

In the streets with gash and bruise the politie

Of the times said No, of course, we did anywho

Where there were two and started the love royale

To stale-mate the lungs’ architect in other direction

Of the train that was bombed

And no one called it off so here we are

And I look down and see how far it is until my body hits

The floor, the ground, the concrete

Mangled bones

Turn to stone

No other worry

When we’re all extinct

But does time sink?

And so time passes

But does it sink?…

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