Hello, nice to meet you

Something something Development Dep’t

From training, man with toupee hair

Rogaine’d it back

I, the converse, balding, thinning

Mild amusement


Hello, nice to meet you

Buxom bellows

Lascivious smile


Would I ever call for service from Andrea?

Would I ever ask her out?

Corporate policy

And all the usual contingencies

Does she have a boyfriend

Would she be interested in me

Am I too fat

(Stupid fucking meds)


Nice to meet you, hello

For day 5 of NaPoWriMo, I think this is a little better quality than yesterday. I just came off a video call with the head of the services dep’t for our lab, and he went over some of the people that work under him, and I was mesmerized by one of the girls/women (I guess I’m supposed to call adult females “women”, now? I feel so old…), bright smile, blond, a bit larger frame it seemed, but very just… happy. And I thought: This, here, this lady, is a chance I might meet with her actually IRL there’s a chance I may meet her. Wow. So here’s to hoping that that chance materializes, and to hoping all the other contingencies (boyfriend, interest, etc.) pan out.

But as always, if not, you move on.

One thought on “

  1. Fun fact: There are over 1000 Andreas at our organization internationally (I looked it up), so… I better remember her last name next time I see her. Unless it’s just that comfy a work env.


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