Should I not want?

Should I not want white teeth?

I think, as I look at my yellows in the mirror

Should I not cut my nails short and prim when they are long?

Should I not want my mother’s dead brother

Back from the dead?

She loved him

I should too

We call him that

Her brother

Not my uncle

Because that’s what she calls him

Should I not crave power?

Over others, the right to dominate and consume

To own

Should I not support the autocrats, in jealousy and nothing but?

Should I wish for eternal life?

Fearing death

The truth is I don’t care much for any of these things

And I’m still unhappy

So if people say living ascetically grants happiness

Well, it can still be complicated, I’m sorry to break it to you

But do try anyway

It works for some time

And until it doesn’t

Maybe you, too, will preach of simplicity

In all good intent

Or is it that I still have my faults? Even with so much clean

And that there is a long way to go?

A drug addiction, front and foremost

The ultimate craving for cravings

I’ll settle for less

And less and less

Until I have none

And then I will have all

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