His liminal-subliminal-superliminal sublimation of ideas in the lumen of his mind sent

cravings cross his dandelion heart

no abstract ideation in the lettering of his diary came through

but in the end his girl knew that they two had the left-handed gestures of pattycake pattycake

tossing the baby in the bathtub

drowning the noise in the light

and cleansing the distrust with candlelit vigils

it’s hard to say why they moved on but there were reasons

And the others knew them too well to say much more

much less than one another, the candles slowly waned

the space for their thoughts collapsed

and the lettering caught fire

it was an askance betrayal of love

not lust

they made clear of that

but in the morning when I see their faces on my mirror

I know that they love their family very much

and that is that

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