Jumping Jacks

Give me the paycheck give me the pocketbook

Honey bun honey bun

Let me marry you to the tree

So you can buy it some friends

Let me pay my own bills with your money it’s not

Confusing I’m not jumping the gun we’ve

Just got

A lot of bills to settle

Way of late makes me think there might be too many twists/turns at the roundabout

Too many ritzy beamers at the parking garage

Well Bezos

Well Mr. Burger Flipper

You are so heroic

You are so the same

You are so different

Inside we are all made of meat

So if cannibalism hits

I’d put my lot in with the burger flipper

Then there are pots of hot shit they say I don’t see anything

But I guess I’m not alone there are that many hypocrits

I don’t hold on to friends I meet online and certainly

We only discuss art, not change

But I wonder

How one can be devoid of the other…?

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