In your eyes I see that melancholy gaze stricken in due haze left afire and let loose

No noose, some caboose, a lovely deuce

We smash balls and they pop

It is not without wonder at the unknown that the shattering leaves somewhat of a reverb

In my eye I see there are some who know less

The disjointedness

Is to lust for

In craven desire the voices of madness still have me

But I have you

So set sail your wishes and tell me how many strangers are outside the building now

The castle of my mind, swarmed by zombies

Human, real, but talking in the courtyard and leaving neural imprints

Touching my tender scars

This doesn’t make all too much sense and the ending won’t be sudden but

Please, find safety, in your life,

It is the last thing I wish for you

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