Please Help

He goes

His way


The criminal

Of the mafia

Lower case for disrespect

They all

Spy on the typing

On the clatter of my keys

They all know

That there is no justice

Like mom

But only difference is

She’s on the right side

It’s come to this

It’s come to right and wrong

And oh how simplistic your mind must be

To think in such black and white to begin with

Forgetting that all meaning comes from somewhere

They all criminal instigate me

They love doing this

They love knowing where I live

They love shouting through my window

They love knowing who I know

They love the money laundering

And the human trafficking

They are many

And powerful ONLY because of it

But think: We value against that at some ratio greater than one

So take out who you can

The enemies are split

And we must sow dissent amongst their ranks

I don’t understand what psychopaths are hunting me down

But they must be brought to justice

Please help

With your innocence

Your gentle breath

Your wiping the sleeve on your mouth

To get rid of the crumbs

Your mild manner

Your wild style

Please help

With your existence

Your soul

And your love

For I want nothing from you

And that is where our power comes from

To fight them

To diminish the visceral reality

That limb from limb is not just a phrase

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