Hit me high, let me go

Home to home and from whence we shone

No such thicker than this and to think: We were dense!

Lightest yet

All tricks off

No hewn hem for my mind, I lap at the edge of the lake


To Drown

8 thoughts on “

    1. Yeah! I feel great, actually. Thanks for checking in! Just a tad repressed from the aftershock of a long, painful mental illness, but recovering. Schizoaffective disorder is not fun. You make such a mess during the episodes! Eh. Who knows. Well anyway, yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for commenting. Feel free to leave more whenever you feel like it! Not suicidal. :-)


        1. Yeah absolutely. Thanks for chatting it up. Thank you for checking in. It’s a mix of bipolar/depression and schizophrenia (disorganized thinking). There are some outbursts, lashing out and stuff–totally pre-teen of me. Well what can I say. I’m not the most appropriate person around but I put up a fight.


            1. Um, the disease is never fun. But life can be, in between the moments of suffering. For sure. I focus on the negatives too much, but really, there’s so much to be proud of and in love with. It’s fun. For sure. And of course, there’s the pride that I am overcoming or fighting a debilitating mental illness. Well. You don’t really think like that at the time, but heh, well, I guess whenever things slow down I’m just too exhausted from it all to understand how heroic I am. My family says I’m very strong. I don’t mean to sound like an egomaniac, it’s just, I take whatever self-confidence boosts I can. It’s crushing.


              1. Hey, take um all.

                I can’t imagine. Life was very dark when I suffered from depression. And I wouldn’t wish that or any other disease where you can’t control your own thoughts or emotions. I bet it’s probably a bit scary.

                Not to even compare but once I stayed up 4 days in a row and I was delirious and it wasn’t that it was a horrible experience in and of itself. It’s just that I was behaving so strange that the consequences of that behavior were very harsh. If that makes sense.


                1. Yeah. It does. Losing yourself is horrifying. There’s no beating around the bush with that one. You do some really childish stuff when you’re panicking. I know that as a fact. I’m simultaneously glad and sorry that you are able to relate. =/. May we both recover. In strength.


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