Hey All

Hey all hey all fellow travelers hey all let me know

Let me know let me know so that I may

In other words, thee underground too still and sillen

Let me know, hey, let me know, ay

I am to go now, to go to the grave and the Earth and the cosmos mother

To let me know, ay, should I say or go and will I say I know?

They all sillen and sightly all off my name

I still travernous love the look of his mane but

To do to do and screw up like you do

How I love you

How I love you, too

And we all say that they may know how now to go a way for love is lost and to

Find that way may send me filigree disposition chance downward spiral

Just words, mistress, to know to say

Ay let me go let me go

But do, sir, also, let me know

To stay in the grave or to plow snow furloughed from kinder words and kinder times

Scintillating vibrato oh how we show

Whether it is sane now or later

Just a little blow

Will we be will we see you and I how to name our children

Without bitterness and remorse

Without due recourse

Just love, honeybun

Just love, one-to-one

I am will I am will stay say Ay Hey let me know

Should I stay, here, or meet you down under unto death everlasting we last weighed our souls?

And in this moment of death do we love like we loved or more?

And what of it, then? To know or say that a throe over-towed in under a comeuppance

Nay slander nay blithe just longing and delight

I say

We all leave sooner or later

To break rhyme of life is to slay the meanness

I will

I will


I will


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