Remembering How

They all fall

Upon me

In my reverie I am astounded

At the blasphemy, the inundation

Of a round world gone flat

At how royal the tone of the scene may be set before the play is rehearsed

I don’t normally speak so linearly, but

At the pinnacle of the schism, we sit

And to be on or out of beyond-the-beyond

In windy romance

Sets me free

There are ways to see

There are ways to remember

I still do not know how long

It will take me to go soft

They expect kindness

I am gruff

How is this contradictory?

So it is perception and image clawing at me again

I idle so long

I forget where I am

From time to time

The romance does spark

Indolent fleeting memories

I stymy my wishes for a grander tomorrow

By sitting on this chair

Here now

Some wander lost

Others lose wonder

It is a bit off the remainder to think that I might not survive

Simple and iridescent naturae come take me

Find me and fuck me

I want to remember, too

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