Science of Love

My limpid children

My love my life

Come to the

Whenceupon we came

We said Shall not be

Shall not

And then it went far


And farther

So it sums it about up that IRL is IRL so it is no longer clear

This bestos is my friendzone

It’s the harsh dandruff that comes out easily

So it is mothers

So it is fathers

That the day we do not know is the day we see

All I can say is Wow

To notion of voice

That some do not are so be thus loose

And elsewise, others seem not to suit up

But withance and allyours so goatit

No problemo

Just a slippage

And the tip of the iceberg is where now?

It’s a math problem/riddle

Knot theory

They all harsh

They all hash

Bat at it bat at it

I am come again

And withance and without the sound

The sound of money made

And cranch in my pockets

Your bones are loose

Allow me to fix them

How cyppola

How cyp

But offance and adage of want be

Neigh neigh

Like a horse

No sluttery or tommance aboot

All the tricks from all the whores

Who are proud

And yet

Do it anyway

So it is that being hurt by TOTAL STRANGERS makes it easier

So it is not, contradictory

Contraindicative of a violent statement is a fightin’ word

So it goes

All have you and neighbors deluxe

They all have lives

As was once said

And I still never believe it

Am I better off?

Now that you love me?

No, not really

It’s possible

But at the same time

Shit on Mt. Everest

And then Vesuvius

So it all goes down

Un the underground underfoot and persuasion matrix

They all “test it tight”


That’s loose

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