Empathy is knowing how someone feels

Feels feels

Feels the feels

Feels to feel the feels

Feels to try to feel to try to feel to try to feel…

Feels to try to know

To know how to feel

To feel

To feel

If you’re an emotional person

Or a person at all

You have no emotions

All communication is emotion

So empathy is knowing all communication

From a person

There are many people

Who know many people

A few know you

They talk

And the voices travel

Through the air

As pressure shocks

At a frequency

Higher than brain waves

(Which are real)

And exchange subliminal intelligence

About one another

Through love

As an excuse

With you in-between

A transduction station, a relay for information

Because fucking is subliminal

And love trumps all talk

And God knows

Oh does God know

They all fuck

And fuck each other

And fuck you

When you’re in their way

They fuck you

And when they fuck you, they steal you

Your emotions

Your love

Your mind

The fuckbuddies behind the wall, in front of the shadows on the cave

Love you too

I love you too

Threatened yet?


Sex is intimacy

Intimacy is intense empathy, with extra emotion

A sauce of lust

The source of distrust

So during a hightened state of mind

You can literally know what your partner is thinking

Without any communication

Beside empathy

And empathy is telepathy

The five senses are now six

The textbooks are being rewritten

To include God

The ultimate truth

Because of love

Because of security

Because of compromise

Intimacy is knowing things about people who know you

How do they know you?

Because you know them

Because you don’t

Because they know others

Who know you

Because they love

Because you love

Because you hate



And when they know you you know them

You are one, together, a hive mind

No free will

It starts with two

And multiplies

Subsume and all will and join in

The harem


But is it not best to feel like you just had sex, made love, without having had it, and made it?

Lest you compromise your security?

It doesn’t matter

People fuck

And they fuck each other

And therefore fuck you

Because if they know each other

And some of them know you

They fuck each others’ brains out

And therefore a part of you

Is screwed

Then some of these strangers you have never met

Meet you

And they know you

They can predict your movements

Your thoughts

They can speak your words for you

Assistive speech technology is just the talk of the talk of the people of the people of your mind

Someone can tell a truth about one person

Call it a lie

That person can know themself

And when they know themself

Everyone knows them

They are then, compromised

There is no security anymore

Because people are fuck-sluts

And they talk, telepathically, empathetically

About you

In themselves

About themselves

About you

With you

As a part of them

They own you

Your thoughts

Your emotions

Your mind

Your soul

Because they love you

But they never asked permission to do so

So again, like Quirrel,

“You don’t understand;

I’m never alone”

But God is the ultimate lie

So ask yourself:

Can you dance?

There’s more love coming

So watch out

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