This One’s About Me! (I Hope)

Add continuation to the list of simplicities he tries to fail at


Add loss of renown to his infamy

Where he were he downtown

Trying too hard

To know that He is alone in his Fatherhood

Is bust

Rife off the cut

He’s still learning

To write

Rife in the switch

Clickety clack don’t go back

In kill switch sill sibilant sill

Cut sibilant cut

Demise of language at its wrenchiest

No proper nouns

Just allowed to correct my mistakes tonight

And where are we going with this this time?


Or awry?

Globus disagrees

Globus spins fervently

Power of word

Power of dismantled word

Power of chord and song

Too soon to stop

Must recoup with a dose of nothing every once in a while

Not a question but surely he is funded

Surely he is not job-threatened

All like we us

They know some

Halfing their ways through the city roads

Buttering up their maidens

Slick with density

Often too hard to grasp

Often too hard to understand

But most importantly

Too stupid to write it down correctly!

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