Paying Off it off my social debt paying it off in typical strengthening of voice neither no no wrong not unique and not you so don’t even do it

Well, voice

Well voice

Spitter spatter sput

Well voice,

I spat at you!

And you spat it up

So here we are

Spitting images of the spider on the sill

Just to reimagine the voice of still night still

Just to reimagine how hefty they were, them they them them,

Along the corridor

At the ward

Playing gui-tar

Playing tag with your tails

Sectum sempra

Vicious verata

Weall went to see the stye

You were dead

So takers can’t believers

But lenders credo goes once twice

Farthing farthing farthing had

Still again, the dancing shoes stay on

To want to replete his conscience

They beef about science

They science about beef

Sentience is not all clean cut chords

Nor resilient strenuousness

I be careful what I say to people in my mind

As my mind is to the public’s eye

Even, laser-aligned

Even, colinear

Even, collimated

Offset by an angle

Offset, corridor

Of ward of recourse

Of disregard for the chaos at hand

No one, not met any of them

N o one, not met any of them

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