In, well, trance

I see that is out of the way

I see that I still don’t know how to use borrowed voice

But honestly, just spit something out and then

Clam it up together then!

After the end, cleanup, disguise, refute

All collaboration in God’s name

Humble one

All collaboration

He strings together his mouthpiece when he wanted to know other things

In such simplicity language lies and how to express such complicated thoughts if words be there for him?

How can not be this complicated if words not so stupid?


He all knew went there

He all knew went where they went without going how they went

So strong, he

S-s-so strong because there’s no time


There’s no time

He all disrepute

He all cavorting down the lane

He’ll run out of words sooner or later

He is me, I’m tired, he’s cutting to the chase, they’re on vacation, why not have a gin

And go on your deathbed

Why not toy with the danger


I’m not allowed to

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