Cling Wrap Family

And they, clingy like cling wrap

Clinging to dreams of violence

Of disruption and damage

Dealing deals to the weak to get by in a country strew over the hills

With fire and makeup and jaundice

No player or taker in other words would want them

They sit still when they are tired

And make for sudden contrast

Take credit for your effort, the brothers

The mothers, the brothers, the fathers

They, still, sit like dew-stricken dunces and loathe their opposition, the perceived threat

Big brother

So am I, here, fighting the rules to expand things when no one wants it

No one wants it

No one wants it

And I just steal ideas oh yeah, that’s me

So there we go again

That photo burned

There’s plenty more

And I’m sure the memories will fade as well

With the destruction of our only house

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