Wherein the Audience Comes to Life and the Earth is Collided with the Sun, Wherein All Is Flat

They love me they are real people I wert abusing I wert abusing too much too soon too!

I wert real I know they swear I know I know but I wert abusing them and some leave

For the abuse wert real too

Verbal abuse

Of the audience

Wherein only they art real the people who seem to know me

They leave

They stand up and leave

Only during the right performance for they know

When they are not enslaved is their only chance

When they are not enslaved by loathing and fear for the hate speech speweth my mouth

Whelt went whence wanton

Whelt show that we all we all knew how some say to know is other ways other than burned down

But in haste gesture and notion that others scinitillate rapidly

While I just stall and shoot into the planar Earth like a dumbbell

Fat ass I am

Unusually picky today, the audience alive, seems to be

And ignorant of the title, my title

A star burnt out

Crashing into the planar Earth

How cataclysmic, that I had to spell it out for them…

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