Still Getting a Hang of This Living Muse Thing

You better not go to any parties, you’d probably rape someone

Me? Yeah, absolutely

It would be the bad kind

To clarify: Neither party would enjoy it

But one would be blamed

And one would be guilty

And why the fascination with criminal justice reform?

Oh, I just see and have seen a lot of unfair things during my short lifetime

Short, so far short, so far going to be long, long, happy!

So I don’t know that the muses know how to speak well or proper

Or that they are, shall we say, versions of people?

And if so how so that they would themselves want to operate psychologically on–

Did you know not all muses operate from Psychos?





Other emotions

It seems


You would have ignored the real ones

Had you not been preoccupied with psychos?

This question not so good, so well presented so ill-y demanded

Is wanton

So I to go home

And then rejoice that the murders are [outside/outdoors]

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