No Such Thing as Jest

Wherein the noisy ones know me

And they know me so they make noise

Because of course to know me is a positive thing

It is loud

It is good

I wish to present an argument

That knowing me is a liability

I know you

I know things about you

I have anger

I have wealth

I have services

I have personal information

I have emotional connections

And ways to damage them

I wish to present an argument

That the unmet needs of a generation will not stave off the starving or the hidden

That cleaning things and checking sums will always be a part of the economy

That sudden hits won’t spray too far nor hide the routes which led to them themselves

So it is

That a hidden node knows no place but the place which it finds

That others would think so, or otherwise, is of no consequence

Killing off all loss and nuance, the staid misdemeanor of consequence is lusting for other forms of action

I am of no mind to think that it should be otherwise

But think yourself

This note, now, that does not sound does not make bouts around the grounds where others can see

And can they see and choose not to?

Or is it such that you know others?

I do not know, which is the case, of your knowing

To berate a dead horse

No other subject than remorse would trigger me more than the violence that comes from the nodes which know their misdirection better than their direction

As I feel as though I am one of them

So know that the course is set

The setting is off course

The literature is given

And those who do not partake wish no harm

Sudden interruption

Conundrum ad verbatim

No such thing

No such thing as jest

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