Fast trackers want surreal Asiatic risks on his mind still

No need for death or hidden surgery hidden nest for strain

Lost station mind frayed tornado spit

Glamorous drivel sound off

Glorious drivel sound off

Haden lost cause pathologically no goners just stick him yes how so

Staff coffins

In violas nest punch break punch hype huff hew stretch deck lost craft lost me craft lost against stiff creeks on the horizon clean still unfortunate loss unfortunate roses

Die elegantly sod

Die frantically soft


Read heathen chemistry twice

Said loser wins said gay actors accuse hint pound breasts too cold to be alive

Requesting ammunition thank you

Robin’s misgivings skirt around the truth

They say it doesn’t work unless you know how it works

Pork fat

Hit strewn stately affair nuisance rhyme can’t drivel media’s steel

Why the argument accepted?

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