British People

War war war Torries agree with us or die

You’re just not bathed in the right juices

Abstract bottlenecks make gross disgust pepper dolls

I have no money and I’m a threatened species and I don’t teach not dance but I’m also not interested in self defense

Let them punch me and have justice a way

It takes a little processing but hut indeed processing time mc crazed

Why the forced moves?

Much fancier Elegance

Then have your way, snake

Die then

Go for it slut



Raw normal for a moment still soft in hearts plum no noise but abstract lily in style soft on harsh shock to tell mass of noise that soft clientele play tricks like harvest of sun to a tune decomposing great artists still just a pause make do skip in tune fairway star high mountain crest leyline of madness starvation & rent

Indent yolk slow feat has last feature instilled ideas in misters bag

Movement not withstanding I’d say it’s not a topic at all

Crest of Fall

Slave to the scene as well I’m sure so rest abutted to know the edge in narrowness to see great madness in daydream or say the reason often found forgotten lastly in a context distressed still slowly still

Haven for breeze birds know no tune of my name well soft in rhythm so they stall… In duty of shame

Lofty reason for the snapped ankle may have exploration denied many things to explore

Sessionscs still

The artists are in their music

But who knew they were so sour

Commercial productions

In the end they are just coercive explanations

Resistive disaster it seems people want in though it is nice and stray you insane fucks

Censorship, gotta

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