Very Bad poem

The delusion that you would want not to be buried in your peers in your society in your own flesh

Might come off as a bit nasty


Social media failure conglomerate ownership of the public domain failure legal assignment failure winnings failure the shoes corrupt but the sneakers [sic.] don’t tie themselves just against cause just against denial

Who wants to read when all you have to do is yell?

People have no recollection of their history or how the stampede killed whatever some lion

Now I’m slow again thank you

No real reason or decline in age just a bleak misgiving to stay at the center of cause

In wine country they laugh not at all

Is it… the police? again?

Take me off police of the doctors take me off

I will key up your


I will spit on your shoes

But you will beat me up

So it’s nice

Little rant

Little rant

No music

Down the tears on down the tears on in susurration in staid denouement in misdemeanor in denial in disavowal of cause the computers are safe great thing we have backups but ahh wish it weren’t so

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