By the Numbers

I wish for a clean exit

Stage upper the nostril cut in your ass

You bitch

Restoration incomplete but residue on the limit

To the moon or some other generic rock

In my stream wouldn’t want to know why how it got there you bitch


But the last everlasting wonder wilts wonders why how there were so many


They corrugated my dreams they packed my notions they surreptitiously stole my serenity


Lotuses in wafting haze like Cali Cali Cali the fire state Where red hot onions don’t make me sizzle where the food is just the only reason to GTFO gtfo gtfo ah well

No little rabbit no quaint denouement no story to tell just the facts

Or office work or what have you

Poor training system poor educational system poor housing system free market failure

As usual

And I believe it’s not even Spanish Influenza

Nor is it bubonic plague

But preventative measures?

Wash your hands wash your hands wash your hands

OCD’s great

I’m glad we sacrificed these cattle for The Greater Goode

Emphasis on the e

But to deny loathing is just a trite trivial funsie

Wanton violence as usual

Throw a statistic at me, Google

See how I respond to your math

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