Some say here, some say there

I am where I know I am

So some see me

And they understand where I am

But do they not? And I am somewhere else

In eyes of places where I see that they see that I am inside or outside or elsewhere

(Possibly in between)

Rushed, out the door, in the house, translated up, down, let, right,

Rotated counterclockwise spun around in circles like a flower in the wind

Pick me, you will see me flutter and fly, possibly attract pollinators long after death

The spores they spread on the wind

Still, who knows where I am?

Distributed sharing, distributed knowledge

I don’t know where my atoms exist anymore

So in sum, perhaps, it doesn’t really matter either way

That either of us, you or me, know where we either of us, you or me, be

But it is a nice locator, when on a path, when directed to stay on the path,

To know that your corpus is physical and, yes, it stands something something tall, with wingspan or such and so

Capable of grasping at straws in this the garden where perhaps you lie down, contrary to myself

And I see where you are

But your eyes are closed

So then who knows where?

I am at the front entrance

You are somewhere in the garden

We know where we are

It is important for fire hazards and dangerous times

But those do not happen when we are so prepared with our art

The engineers had this in motion long ago

So it stands, that two fields make a sum of notion to think that somewhere, in art or engineering, places are localized instead of delocalized

Put pedantically

But that to be disperse is neither a sin nor crime

So wanton, so many think it be “crazy” and stigmatize the “fools”

Ironic, how they see mirrors in the pond and don’t bother to lap the water with their fingers

Gently put down, the fish sink to the bottom, and portend the death of outsiders

Who also, geographically speaking, show data coordinates on the GPS system

So, too, us, without technology, exist in place, and some say I am here while you are there

So is it important?

Well, I think place may be

May be some sort of understanding, too, knowledge, fact and tact

To stay above ground but underwater, floating freely

Some standards instill numbers on people and nothing wrong with that but that the numbers are corrupt, so the only issue would be to be in the wrong place

At the time that someone says, “Out!” and we leave

So no longer in place, but out of it, and existing in void or nullness

Argumentative topics further down, but now, yes, it is important to know that

I am here

And I think out of love, perhaps others will know too

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