The Next Fruitful Market

See between the seams and let me know

your number

I’ll call you next time

after we fuck

falter, stun drone

hate (speech (guns (gone




No one knows the lost misdemeanor of the history of my mind

Legacy is no matter for one ado with strife

In decent hope, some say this way, some say that

But we all know, we all know

spoon, fork,

gone gone gone



shorn at the time and a little freckle

some stains on the carpet

well, little one, play and frolick

love is the hinterland’s hearth


stilettos and magnums

make way for another revolution

no stye, just the grossesse of fallacious ideas

may somber simplex scent sibilant


inundated with dew

the freshness of the autumn morn’ sends me tads more than I once knew

target misdemeanor, it was

hit and run, smacked the cop upside the head

no one knew

i all alone love in disguise

some times the adverts catch me naked

the real estate of the mind is the next fruitful market


so, in stunning resplendence we all sing

and dance dun over all the countryside

say “wherefare” and we’ll fall

stock in crew

wish you knew


scintillating freshness of the stars

alpha omega gamma burst reaches my cell phone tower

telepathically communicating with the human race

this one’s from Thailand

this, Vietnam

I have a home on this rock and so many world citizens to meet

we all love, sometimes

running, running, gun stunning and to do more more more

is to stay where you are, move objex, and send love letters to your brethren


inane studious mindset of an academic

i’m in prepoderance abreast of self-serving beasts

for one beat, the fencing is laid to waste

in West Dorm we all party and haze

(haze haze haze)

neat art, bro

chuck shit slit wrists and numb-nuts can find you again


all hit and run

all blow((horn))

cross, crusty

old man in the countryside

sommerset dew strewn culpability

in fondling little girls



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