Writer’s Block

Burn bright in the void

Chopped up thoughts make me stall and like the plane I cinder to the ground

Halted of air, strong to the touch & taste, licking my wounds to imbibe nutrients

The blood and shattered steel sow in me doubt and I hurt to know that somehow


When nature and humanity combine, boisterous celebration fells midnight sheets

Burns candy fast

Settles on peaceful discord for the populace

Remittance heals the disallowed and makes loud the soft-spoken members of us


Bright red tornadoes sink in the window and I am heartbroken that the color is pungent

I’m ornamental with my decisions, so if someone disapproves I seem to have no choice but to feel the pain

That’s the best way, without a doubt, and I’m proud to be so alive as to know it

No one can know me and I know, so I walk along and gather flowers in the slums


Sometimes the rattlesnake bites a can, and we turn venom into medicine

Drugs are nature’s candy, so we don’t like them

Because they are jealous, the unhappy ones

Because they know something is out of control


In doubt the frogs sit still at the windowsill

Decrepit attitude of croaking over at the wrong time, have they

But mating all night long, and singing song and hopping into waters murky and organic

There lives a way, always, to know how it is done, how it applies, how it flies, and how it dies

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