Show Me

Stuck in my ways;

I shrug off memories of love and lovers

Sit still in my chair

Give up all hydration

And groan in panic at the thought of a single emotion


Cleansing is the bacterium’s ploy

How coy, the fish, that swim in disease

Are caught

And feed families


Denial of trust makes it worse off

Somehow the shed in the yard is full of fools

Construct, construct, construct in the garage

No one said yesterday was any better


Shudder shiver off lust

Lose connection with the phone network

Devise stationery for love letters

Give back, give back what you earned


Sensory deprivation does not make do

For richness of thought

Somehow, the fight keeps up

And I swoon in disguise at the market


Somehow, livid guests make the best customers

I am in bliss with them

Denouement of the plague?

A hundred years


We have suffered

I intend to say what I mean

We have struggled

Classy behavior shall triumph over the barbaric masses


Not to say that we are outnumbered

What is the count of a heart? a soul?

Fishy things, creeping in the sea

Don’t find justice but, ah, do they swim


I am near in fault, timeless, in fact

And struggle to recollect who knew me back when

Struggling, simple things pass my time

Worrying about perfection, shrugging off dread


Captured fauna hiccough at me from time to time

Neighbors don’t seem too panicked

Somehow passage makes its way through the scene

Still, star-studded journey wants more

We have the wings, so why not donate?

Have it all, baby, your cancellation won’t stop our hearts

We shine in rising to the touch, at the scintillation of heart’s beat

Show me what you love, show me what you show them

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