So far away…

Nothing seems right anymore.

I’m writing this on my mobile. We’ll see if Android can catch all my sprllingmistakrs.

Nope guess not.

Post inspired by a neighbor.

What do I have…

Just sitting in the yard listening to my tunes. And the voices mirror my thoughts. They’re still there, distant, aloof, sniping and trapsing at me. What can I say? To outwit them. To surpass them. The mystery. The notion. Not all is lost. Not all is broken. Echoes in the distance.

Though they have not left for good, I am adapting, as a Homo sapien. They no longer bother me as they once did. I think I’m mellowing out. Sounds. Sound. The crack of the whistle at dawn. Why would my phone laugh at me?

So smart, humans. Adaptable. Can live through so much.



How to convey this? Thought? Desire? As crude as the English language is, look what it has built and where it came from. As the smell of weed from a neighbor’s yard comes wafting my way, I wonder how clearly I will be able to see it all. Don’t worry, I’ll learn the ropes sooner or later. Sooner. Sooner than that. There. That’s level.

Just because you’re weird doesn’t make you a genius.

Suddenly very exhausted. 2.5 cups of Joe today. I like coffee. It feels healthy. What more can I say?

Anyhow, how rad would it be for a vaccine to show up at our doorsteps? It’ll probably just pass but eh. Not everyone’s here all the time, and some of us are or at least seem to be at limited capacity. Cat calls and all. What I did killed me, because other people killed me. What can I say? Charmed? Somewhat. We should all be prepared for emergency, but also rationalize it at least once in a while. Have I gone far? Yes, but some go farther. How do I know that? Pure numbers. And here comes the next beat of the foil…

Ready, aspirate, oxygenate, vacate. Too little too soon. I hear and see I am heard. Not to be a part of… it? One? At all? Anytime whatsoever. But do I let things slide? Do I, genuinely?

Yelling is just the start of it. Tart and fit, I should not provoke them. The hammer does come down hard.

I don’t know what I’m saying, but maybe you’ll find some sense in all of this. I do wish for a quieter world, full of methodical minds and free zones. Give up? Hah. Laughable thought. Not to say that I’m brave, but who is?

We haven’t stocked up on food.

I shall eat at a restaurant in the winter.

Too snow. Too slow. Fortnight and fortune. Chance, for something other than the bleeding edge of the knife and catch-up staid over crestfall. So forgotten. So deserved. Perspiration, aspiration, and machine learning. Learn what to say; learn what to omit.

Hopefully you see reason.

It’s never a good place to stop. I have to.

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