untitled poem n

Don’t do that shit well whelp there’s the cheese the fattening goodness

Must say I do not mind

Do not mind one bit

This romance is too tough I’m not cut out for second guesses or horse laughter

A bunch of grapes and some wine then the brofest and a guess at higher

States off course too much discourse of course the betterment will matter

So stay off track give in to sin hit a truck and dump your soul

Go away sometime and linger at the no loitering zone just a fool out on patrol

Came with me back in the day off the rollercoaster I wish no more zone

Ing in my mind the meat isn’t for eating it’s just a Rolls-Royce insipid but meandering

Some tunes don’t get it but it gets the job done not to say sin is acceptable but

All the things do some good, regardless


Hip on my tempo I’m cut off this won’t smooth over too well but I’m butterscotch

Just sip my tea and go on meandering through tormentuous rain hiss little at the stuff

Cradle song won’t lull the croc to Japan or danse in sund’rous moonlit candlelight

Some soft swings set and it’s all discord so off tune I’d rather be in  nature but it’s

Given up on me


Jazz on the dime and a little sibilant but it’ll due in time I’ll find my chi

No joke this one loves it and there’s no concept following the former

Military officer couldn’t live long enough to see his brother die just rolling some

And got cough syrup for his young one too bad they all got chills it’s stable

It’s stable


Rolling on the horses neigh and grossesse doesn’t strike me anymore I’ll just ignore

The tempo I’m setting (for now) whisper me this who doesn’t stroll in the eve

Ning won’t find me here they’re all gone or rather I’m just pseudonymous and I still have

My coinage now where was I at with this one

Where was I at


Drying up don’t have much to give no one ought to be after me but I know some are crazy

Just frost the glass sip up the salt and mandarin in the night or lie down or what serves

You to do this to yourself is the right way to sing the song of life not to downplay it but

Hips don’t slice like the lyrics inside might as well go broke no not really

Tis a joke

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