Give me some of that luvy duvy shit

Some of that dumpy shit

Give me the great divide

Split my cells and show me mitosis

This gross hit won’t beat long but I live strong

Not to be the cyclist but to be the best or wish less

At least some other lyrical thing


Lost romance put up for holding over and went in another direction

Facility shut, no emergencies now just rollover

Cradle shut maybe the bathwater will boil and the power goes out

Black as night some say the great divide is just a parting

Well I’m saying goodbye and to you one last time that all is well

Might as well be


So it goes some snore some sink the others don’t really matter

This memory has got me in a trance and I’m studious like disco so no matter

Just tattered neurons and some atypicals a dose of huff and off to the moon

No not really just jokin’ hope you’re not slow like the Pokemon or some shit

Guess off and crap little jokes beside the romance is just too dastardly

Grossest ghost I’ve ever met

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