The Turbidity of Another Love

Empty air in my lungs stinging like tissue bandages

Over my eyesight in and out so love

Go, go, go find your love and sting like the pimple under socket

So frond, grow grow grow into your love and sting like soulcrest

Frost in Jack and the drink imbibe, darkness once again

Too still for empty streets, we find our home outside ourselves

Daring, to know so much about the night

Oh, sing me a song of moonlight and ruinous skylit sunsets

Unspeakable additions and numerical conundrums fit for kings

May we swell with love, love in our memory when our dreams crash and burn

And with my sting I sweat the dust right off

Spend time in the crust of this planet to rogue off and wince like pain is under no name

Send me your letter, I miss you

I’ll crawl off the beach right into the depths with the jellyfish and ray sharks

Outside me, finally, air I can breathe, in this the water where above there is only blue darkness

Limited intuition knows me, I’m home, down here, with the thought of you

Go surf, go blind, ride the night and gun down my standing to shell off the turbidity of another life

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