A Fade-Away

I just can’t handle it anymore

This thin life in between vice and blight

That smell of acrid dust in my nostrils

The traffic stealing time slowly, inexorably

Many see straw strewn about the farm where they live

I’m no hay fever guy, I get the job done

But at what cost? Sickening to think about

Many wonder in time why why why

But is that the right question?

I’m indignant, sure, but helping hands and whatnot

From me to you

Mrs. Radioactive Wasteland, feed me your pig stomach

I’ve the gut of a lion, and the bones tattered in my bedroom

Let me know that yes, I have been to the plains

Doubt lust, sonder and disgust at the sight of the populace walking down my streets

Country lane, grab me by the nose and tug out the mucous

I’m inhibited, roll roll rolling downhill perpetually

Isn’t it fun? I’ve never been so happy in my life

The snowball will collide at the bottom of the infinite hill we find ourselves on

It just takes forever to get there

Don’t you know?

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