This Time Around, the Skin Isn’t Mine and the Intruders Know Where the Mines Will Lead

Won’t cover you

Come back, combine, dance on my grave

Filth slithers throat slippery slope

Uphill again this this cadence worries me

Grand delusions I’m in

Woke up the same

Ever stalling my dreams won’t

Filth Stalin baby in a crib

Die baby, die baby young

Courage soft

Inner meandering

“Follow the trail”

Rabbit deluded bathes me and sucks on my dick

Inhibited rubble covering slices fecal television sets

Contagious memories

You’ve caught them

Pandemic pandemonium slotted perfectly for a truffle of mail

My armor’s thickly cracked

Laughter, shit, go eat up a grave digger’s spade

Fish won’t play with crabs

Heroes let go

Nibble fist til skin erodes

Bombast uproar style

Inside rumors cascade for delta epsilon schism

I’m the runner, the champ, on fire fire

Won’t survive, skin

Eaten by infection

Stars collide and death again

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