Forget It

Unspeakable impersonalities

Cadet of Renoir, in my bed, in my head

Go off try to roll around the cliff

Settle down, have a cup, sip coolly

No later notice, just eviction and a needle

Not found, a bit of once forgotten love

It is the same as it ever was

Sight in line with the crosshairs

City skylines and central park

Shade under a tree

No found words, just borrowed bills

A few grains of salt for luck

All memory replete with erasure

I’m in my zone, this time around

This time I’m in my prison

God home and a good spoon

Grow, growing taller

They stand up now

All in good time, curfew and propaganda

Hysteriea of the nation, thought

Carve up a new one, throw it in the sink

Perhaps a touch of death, nature

Strewn about the coaster, I’d rather have

Lost and gone to hell than hanged around this


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